Locanda Sant'Antimo
Taste and relaxation in the heart of Tuscany
Locanda Sant'Antimo
Taste and relaxation in the heart of Tuscany
Locanda Sant'Antimo
Taste and relaxation in the heart of Tuscany

In the land of Brunello di Montalcino, we welcome you to savor the authenticity of Tuscan flavors and typical hospitality.

Welcome to the realm of Tuscan flavors, where tradition and passion converge to create an unparalleled culinary experience. Here, in the heart of Brunello’s land, we invite you to explore the gastronomic pathways of Tuscany through our culinary creations. Each dish tells a story rich in flavor that reflects the culinary excellence of this region. Be prepared to embark on a timeless gastronomic journey, where authentic flavors and culinary traditions blend harmoniously. A matchless discovery of Tuscan culinary artistry, where every bite is a voyage into the heart of our gastronomic culture.

Authentic Tuscan cuisine at the table

A restaurant in the heart of Brunello, in Montalcino, where hospitality, sharing, and familiarity reign supreme.

Our most loyal guests always leave highly satisfied by the culinary symphony of our kitchen; a harmonious blend of local tradition and our family admins, made unique by some creative daily inventions outside the menu.

During the beautiful season, we offer our guests the opportunity to enjoy these creations on the veranda, against the backdrop of a poetic, colorful, and truly enchanting panorama.


Our hospitality

Rooms and vacation homes with all the comforts for a relaxing family or friends getaway.

We offer our guests the opportunity to stay in our rooms and vacation homes, not only to savor the culinary delights of our tradition, but also to fully enjoy all the relaxation and enchanting atmosphere that this magical land has to offer.

Regular travelers, who come to visit us year after year, immerse themselves in the tranquil life of Montalcino, lulled by the gentle cyclical rhythm of the days. Here, feeling like an integral part of the community and family is a precious gift, enveloped by the embrace of breathtaking vineyards and the warmth of our hospitality. At sunset, we gather together, enjoying a glass of wine and joyfully sharing experiences and new adventures.

Upon awakening, the dawn welcomes us with a rich and hearty breakfast, preparing us for a day filled with discoveries and farewells woven with a sweet longing to return.

Vacation home
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We want to share with our guests the discovery of our territory and its experiences that enrich our daily lives, and we hope they enrich your visit to the charming Montalcino as well. Choose the package that best suits your journey and allow yourself to Experience “The Experience”!